International DSM Group, Inc.

International DSM Group, Inc.

● Founded and started operations in 1997, iDSM Group were able to continuously grow the business, presence and revenues.

● Headquartered in Irvine (CALIFORNIA), USA, International DSM Group, Inc. employs 21 people, including 3 executives and 18 people in operations.

● iDSM operates as a wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C) company for a wide range of products including the following categories:
– Technology, oil & gas, electronics, machinery, food, petro-chemicals etc.

● The company also provides work-flow solutions to address technology-specific requirements:
– Applications include machineries, multimedia, oil & gas, IT equipment, production and industrial component, content creation for software application.

● The company has clients across the globe from diverse sectors.

● The company has presence in Irvine (CA), USA, London (England), UK and Beijing (China), with clients based on all 5 continents.